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forums     The Scorton Grammar School discussion forums. Here you can discuss you years at scorton or post memories of events and happenings at the school.
image gallery   The Scorton Image Gallery, images accross the years of people and places relating to the school.

The Scrapbook includes newspaper cuttings and press reports relating to the school.

history   The History Pages. Items relating to the History of the school.
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Scorton Grammar School has been closed since 1991, and this voluntary web site has been created by ex-pupils in order to try to maintain an of archive that the Grammar School in Scorton existed, also as a location for ex staff and pupils to meet and exchange common experiences and memories.


We would appreciate it if you could send us any pertinent photographs, historical or interesting info which could be displayed upon the Scorton Grammar School site to record and collate into an archive.


The Grammar School, located in Scorton Village, Richmond North Yorkshire was Founded by Leonard Robinson in 1720.

The address of the school was:

Scorton Grammar School,

Scorton Village,

Nr Richmond

North Yorkshire.

DL10 6DS

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The Scorton Grammar School web site is a totally voluntary project whose aim is to attempt to keep some sort of record of the schools existence, background & history.

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